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Have you been dreaming of becoming a game designer? Then we know what to offer. Make your first step in game creation in this incredible title – Super Mario Maker. We have an online version of this title uploaded here, so you can try it right away. There you will find a great number of opportunities – various elements of the stages are available. Place the platforms, the tubes and characters, include level ups at some unobvious but reachable places, and so on with new cheats. The enemies can be modified – you can make them bigger or even add new skills to them like speed, jumping and even flying.

There is also another in-built mode here, a story one. There you will get access to 30+ levels already made by the developers, so they are really awesome. Done with attention and knowledge, these stages can show you how to make yours. Level editors, various environment generators, and endless custom options. Create levels and let other players check them out! In turn, play the user-generated ones, as well as those that have been prepared by the team of developers for you. And as always – improve your skills, experiment with the tools, and have fun!