Mario Maker Game 3DS

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Welcome to the new Mario game and this time you are going to experience something absolutely new. Here you are not just a participant of the adventure, but a creator – you can make up the levels and share them with other players from all over the globe. The game developers provide you with endless opportunities and you can use the offered tools to make various levels and then check them in action. You can publish them on the server, when you are done and other players will enjoy the experience you have prepared for them. Or just share the link with your friends and let them see what a talented level designer you are.

The gameplay is convenient and easy. You will see the sets of different instruments on the sides of the screen. Despite the fact that there is a gigantic arsenal of them here, the screen doesn’t look overloaded – everything stays clear and convenient. Use the arrow to choose and move the objects and elements. You can change the characters, adjust the environment, and make full-fledged playable stages. Juts be mindful and think about the plan – you need to make your levels functional and interesting to play. So imagine yourself a real game designer and let’s get to work!