Super Mario Maker 2019

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Game design is not only fun, but also a challenge sometimes. Giving freedom to your creativeness and fantasy is great, but wait a minute! Every creative process needs to have limits, otherwise this might turn into chaos. The Mario Maker sandbox game proves this idea to be right. While you have a pretty large set of level-creation tools, you cannot apply them randomly. You need to have a logic flow of the playing process, that is why you should make sure that your ideas work well together and make your levels work as united mechanisms. Crafting even the simplest games is an art and you are welcome to make your first steps in this amazing activity with Super Mario Maker 2019.

We bet that you have played Super Mario before. So you must remember how everything feels there: you run ahead, jump on the heads of your enemies, get coins, and so on. When the first part of Mario Maker was launched, all players were extremely excited, because now they have a chance to create their own amazing levels and play them out. This is a chance to contribute to your favorite universe and it is hard to refuse. The level editor gives you an arsenal of tools and there are so many of them that you may get confused. How do they work? How to use them? Now you are a digital architect with a large collection of tools to play. If you manage to create a really good one, you can share it with the online community! However, you will need to make a couple of tries to see your ideas in action before you will do something really stunning. Both the learning and creating processes are equally amazing and you will see how your skills improve with every next level you do.

Everything is customizable at Mario Maker except the very fundament of the game – an engine. You cannot edit the basic element, but everything else is at your disposal: characters, pieces of the environment, items, etc. This might be a perfect start for those, who dream to become a game designer. When creating a level, the main thing you should keep in mind is a player’s experience. Remember that you are not just stuffing the game with things, but someone will play it. You need to think about the experience you are going to offer and keep to the flowing gameplay. Test it on yourself and other people to see what mistakes you have done and then improve it, considering the weak parts of your creation. Increase the difficulty, add unexpected elements, provide some small hints to the audience, and have fun, of course.