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The most memorable game Nintendo studio has ever created surely is Super Mario. However, the most memorable part of Super Mario series surely is Super Mario Maker. Both parts are equally amazing, while the second is a sequel that simply brings more juice playable elements for you to check out. The main part of this sandbox game is connected with level building. This means that you will have an access to the full kit of cool instruments and will use them to make playable levels, where Mario will run, jump, gather, and fight. Of course, when you start playing, the first thing you will notice is a great number of available options. Yes, there are so many of them that may get lost. Indeed, the game developers were very careful here – the fundament of the game stays the same, so you cannot spoil anything, but everything else is your task.

There is one advice you should follow, when creating the levels. Know what you are doing. This is important, well, because you want everything to work, right? If you do, then think about your steps carefully. The Maker version will require you to create stages and then revise your decisions, because if something doesn’t really work smoothly, the entire impression about your work won’t be that positive.