Super Mario Maker 2

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The first part of Mario Maker impressed the world. Now we have a second part of it, and this one is no less impressive. You have a chance to create a full Mario universe again, but now there are even more tools and objects to use. This is one of the most interesting projects of the last years and a great sandbox, which is an endless source of fun and enjoyment. The improved sequel – Super Mario Maker 2 – will allow you to make up the stages of the game and then show them to other players or simply play them yourself. The classical style of the game is saved and you will have to operate with the familiar objects and characters, which can be changed and adjusted. You can switch across the modes, choosing a creative or a story one at any moment. The story mode is not really focused on the story, but rather on practice of all possibilities offered by the Maker engine. The Nintendo team used their expert knowledge and skills to make the samples of perfect levels, so you have a chance to study game design from the gurus.

The tool-set in Mario Maker is large. It looks pretty simple from the first sight, but in the reality, you will have to work hard if you want to make your levels really excellent. You will see the collection of items on your screen. In the first part of the game, you didn’t have an access to the entire collection from the very start, but in the second one you do! So you can jump across the building levels the way you want and move to different game layers all the time. There is a small and clear tutorial here, but it is not very helpful, because you won’t understand how the combinations work until you try them. The best add-on you are welcome to try is the story mode, of course. Here you will have to collect coins, fight the bosses, and even ride the cars and become a baby sitter for a while. However, don’t expect to see a deep and interesting plot here – this mode is rather a demonstration of what you can do using the set of tool prepared for you by the developers’ team. The entire game is more focused on the community, sharing, and communication. Of course, you can play it alone and this will be no less exciting, but the best part begins when you get an access to the creations of other users and offer your own. You can invite your friends and create levels together, then exchange your masterpieces and see, who is a better game designer here. All the instruments are at your disposal, so make your ideas flow and try to create something really perfect and worth sharing! Happy building and have a good time with Mario Maker!