Super Mario Maker 3

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If you suggest that the second part of Mario Maker has nothing to keep you interested for a long period of time, then you are terribly wrong. Creating levels and offering them to other players on the server is incredibly interesting even if designing is not your strongest part. The professional developers from Nintendo company did everything to let you reach the high level of customization and creation even if you have never did anything like that before. The advanced instruments and building techniques here are simplified and clear, so you can feel yourself like a real expert, when you will start playing. The giant collection of options is a real piece of cake for all Mario fans – the more you try them out, the more experiments you want to make. And this makes the title incredibly addictive and appealing. However, if you are absolutely not that creative type and level building interests you less than anything else, there is also a mode for you. The title of the game suggests that you are going to be a maker, but in the reality there is also a story version to play in Super Mario Maker 3.

In the story mode, you will take part on another Mario’s adventure, that goes through numerous new levels. The main difference from the classical titles of the series is that the levels in Maker version are short, but they are extreme and crazy. All of them use the same tools and instruments as those that are offered for the Maker mode. However, they were created by the developers of the original title, not the fans, that is why all of them are just perfect. This is a full-fledged story with a pretty extensive gameplay – you will spend about eight hours to pass the whole game. Mario will have some amazing new objects to use and incredible amount of new environments to check out. For instance, at some point you will find yourself in a haunted building, where the ghosts live. You will use a small light beam and try not to fall down in some hole on the floor. The other levels are very challenging. Especially the final parts of them, when you meet a well-known Koopa, who can fly now and ride the cars on a high speed, so the traditional gameplay suddenly turns into a racing-and-shooting one. It is hard to say whether there is a plot behind all these scenes of any inner logic, but the experience is going to be very diverse. The process will present all the capabilities of the Maker mode and you will surely get inspired to create your own Mario universe afterwards.