Super Mario Maker 4

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Build all imaginable types of Super Mario levels in this amazing sandbox – Super Mario Maker 4. This one is a sequel to a previous part, the one that introduced a fresh idea of the Nintendo team. Now they want you to take part in game creation, not just play the titles they produce. Let yourself create freely – make your imagination flow and produce masterpieces, that are not just playable but also sharable. Yes, you will have a chance to show off and present your skills to the game community members or simply your friends. This means that you can also play the levels created by other people, which extends your Super Mario experience to infinity. Just imagine – a whole bunch of levels that are made regularly! This means that you can play your favorite classical platformer for years. Sounds cool!

The second part has two modes – Creative and Storytelling. The first one is already familiar to those players, who have already checked the first part. As always, you get access to a tool collection and you can play with them the way you want. Just don’t turn everything into a chaos! Remember, even the greatest artists cannot produce anything really great when they don’t think about their audience. Set yourself some limitations and keep them mind. You want to create interesting and playable levels, don’t you? Before you publish your level to let other gamers play it, make sure that you check it yourself and make sure that everything works smoothly. As you remember from the classical Mario games, they all feel naturally, have small hints for the players and make the process really nice. This is what you need to do as well.