Super Mario Maker Online

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When playing a video game, you may the following thoughts: “Yes, this one is really great, and everything looks and feels perfectly, but I have some ideas to change it.” If this is a story about you, then you are at the right place. Indeed, when you have a favorite game, it is natural to think about it as something you could also create. Sometimes, this may happen when you think, oh God, this is so amazing, why am I not an author of this cool title! Now you can become one, because the developers from Nintendo studio know your most secret dreams. They have created a sandbox game about Mario, who is now also a builder. Check both titles of the series out and you will surely have a sense of being a real game designer.

So, what do you have in the game? First of all, you need to choose the mode you want to try. In the second part, there are two of them. One is actually a creative sandbox and the second is just another playable Mario game. When you launch a creative mode, you find a great number of tools that can be used to create environment and customize characters. The levels can be themed differently, while the characters can obtain new skills and abilities that were not available in the classical version. The story option is actually a story. But don’t you expect something like a plot here. Instead, you get about thirty different stages, which are fast-pacing but absolutely mad. The game developers tried to add all features that are available in the second mode in these 30+ levels, so they are somehow overloaded with actions, attacks, and different options of a gameplay. You will fight with bosses, fly, ride, strike, and even ride a car. Can you imagine such a diversity in any other Mario game? Guess, not. You will wander across the deserts, snowy lands, woods, and parallel universes. All these types of levels are available for playing as well as for creation, so whether you prefer building or action – you should pay attention to both. What is more, you can play your own creations, adjust them, considering your mistakes, and show them to other gamers, who will show their creations to you in turn. This is an endless source of creativity, communication, and sharing, so you have to join this platform for sure. The incredible number of options is the main feature of both modes – they allow you to do literally anything and enjoy the whole diversity that exists in all worlds connected with Mario’s story. Enjoy!